Size of a baseball

Vases and Custom vases start at $400

Glow in the dark

ashes in glass

Due to individual monitor settings, actual colour of glass may vary from photo samples shown here


Angel $200

Hanging Ornament $150

Ashes in glass Cat

Open by appointment and mail order

New Colours!


The Almost perfect sphere $100

Bluish dark violet will look black in the glass, Same with Dark heliotrope. Choose Heliotrrop for a good transparent purple :)

For brightest glow choose one glow colour and one regular colour. If you choose 2 glass colours + glow we will add the glow directly to the ashes. It glows less brightly but works still. The glow is phosphorescent, It needs to be charged with light then glows for 10 - 20 minutes or so in the dark. The yellow/green glow is the brightest. Many variables affect the glowing.

Pendants and other things that can hang

Ashes in glass Birds (sparrow)  $100

 If you are local to the Calgary Alberta Canada area watch  our Facebook for updates as to when the next Ashes in glass open house is. During these open houses the public is welcome to come and watch their very own ashes in glass creation get made. After you choose 2 colours  you will watch the glass artist add the ashes and the colours to the molten hot glass.  The glass is then slowly cooled in a special oven for 2 days.

Iris opal yellow can go very light or very dark

Paw Print $75


Note about open houses:

You can have as many ashes in glass memorials made as you like . Depending on the turn out there may be a limit on how many you can watch get made. So, if you wanted 5 memorials you will only be able to watch 1-2 of those get made and the others would be made ASAP. Last time the max wait was onto was 15 minutes to watch their ashes in glass memorial get made. Remember it only takes a few minutes to drop off ashes and choose colours and be on your way. Remember all glass takes two days to cool down. There will be designated days for you to come back and pick up your glass. Last time all glass was completed in one week. Each ashes in glass memorial is unique in shape, size and colouring. Each one is a work of art and impossible to make exactly the same twice. Ashes can react with the glass in unexpected ways.  This experience is very new to everyone, please trust the process and you will have your ashes in glass memorial at an accessible price not offered anywhere else.

Due to individual monitor settings, actual colour of glass may vary from photo samples shown here. 

Ashes in Glass Dog Bone    $200

Ashes in glass memorials are a thoughtful way to encase cremation ashes in glass forever. Choose from over 60 colours to be swirled with the ashes. Each one made is unique and a great way to remember those that have passed. Whether you watch the ashes in glass get made or you mail the ashes to us, great care is taken with your ashes. Each memorial is marked on the bottom with a number.

Ashes in glass memorial orbs are $60 each

Rose   $90

Ashes in glass Hearts   $150

Glow is $5 extra per piece.


Ashes in glass colour choices

Tea Light $150

Colours can vary to what is displayed here. The density they are applied and the amount the are stretched effect the way the turn out. Ask us for more info. Blueish dark violet and Dark heliotrope will look mostly black in the glass.